Our Team

Dave Martinsen

 David began his career in the insurance world as a personal lines agent for Rural Mutual Insurance. David worked for Blue Cross Blue shield for many years.  With these experiences David is able to understand and write all Lines (Home, Auto, Commercial, Umbrella Insurance) David along with Laura Martinsen started Great Lakes insurance 20 years ago.  

Laura Martinsen

 Laura got her start in the Insurance field 20 years ago when David and her started Great Lakes Insurance. Her knowledge and expertise give her the ablitity to quote and write all lines of insurance (Home, Auto, Commercial,Umbrella and Bonds). 

Debra Larson

 Debra has 40+ years of experience in the insurance industry. One thing that has remained the same in the last 40 + years is her knowledge and ability to work with property and casualty insurance  

Theresa Jaskowiak

 Theresa got her start in the insurance industry with Blue Cross Blue Shield. She has worked as an agent with Great Lakes Insurance for 9 years. Theresa has extensive knowledge in personal lines. Theresa works to find the best coverage for the best rate.  

Brett Martinsen

 Brett Martinsen got his start in the insurance industry April of 2017. His area of expertise is in the personal lines (Home, Auto, Umbrellas and also Life).